Fresh House Made Pasta

All of our house made pasta are passed through bronze dies yielding a perfect texture for holding sauce close in a hug of flavor and consistency.


Long thick spaghetti like noodle with hole running through the middle. The classic base for “Amatriciana”.

Cresta di Gallo

”Cock’s Comb”. Short macaroni noodles with a wavy “comb”. A favorite of the kids for fancy mac and cheese or fun for a baked ziti style pasta.


”Twins”. A medium short noodle consisting of twin twisting tubes. This is a great all-purpose short noodle with a great bite.


One of our house favorites. Long ribbon like noodles named after the long locks of Princess Mafalda of Savoy. This noodle is equally at home in a thick ragu as it is with a silky butter sauce such as our “Pasta al Limone” or “Cacio e Pepe”


”Radiators”. An odd shape that is just perfect for ragus and thicker “sugi”. The shape of this pasta is optimal for grabbing that sauce.


Our very own Ricotta filled 100% durum wheat ravioli made right here. These rich “Franco Boli” style raviolis are great in our marinara or vodka sauce as well as a simple butter and herb sauce. Sold frozen in ½ lb. containers.


Named for their ridged lined, rigatoni are sturdy enough to handle the thicker an chunkier sauces.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

”Ropes from the guitar”. A thick square cut spaghetti for the perfect Carbonara. Pair with our house-cured Guanciale and Pecorino Romano.